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Video interview with Walter Higgins of Sxoop.com

Apologies if you came across this post on my PodLeaders.com site already but I posted an interview I did with Walter Higgins there last week and I know there are some readers of this blog not subscribed to PodLeaders so I thought I’d post it here too.

Walter’s company Sxoop Technologies are the creators od Pxn8 – an online photo editor (think Photoshop in a browser).

Here’s the interview:

There are direct download links on the PodLeaders post.

Dolphins in the river Lee!

I was waiting for the ferry between Passage West and Cobh this morning when I noticed a pod of dolphins in the river. I didn’t have my cameras with me (d’oh!) so I couldn’t get any decent shots.

After I boarded, the dolphins played around with our ferry before rushing off to play with the incoming ferry.

I barely caught them heading to the other ferry on my camera phone – sorry about the quality.

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