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Automating the backup of your blog

I had a couple of hosting issues a week or so ago which got me to thinking (worrying!) about backing up the content of this blog.

Fortunately WordPress 2.x ships with a backup plugin builtin.

The WordPress backup plugin

Unfortunately, I had failed to get the plugin to work previously and hadn’t persevered. Now, I decided, was the time to fix that before I have any problems again!!! The fix was easy enough, all I had to do was change the permissions on the backup directory to 777 and the backup worked.

The issue I had now was that the backup plugin is manual – you have to remember to go to Manage -> Backup and click the Backup button to do a backup. I’m not disciplined enough to remember to do that every day.

Fortunately, there is a WordPress plugin called WP-Cron which comes to the rescue here. It is extremely basic but when activated on the Plugins page, it adds the following options to your Backup screen.

Scheduling WordPress backups

With WP-Cron you can schedule your backup to occur nightly at midnight and have the backup emailed to you at an address of your choosing. Sure, there are lots of other bells and whistles it could have, but for me right now, the ability to get a nightly backup of my blogs is extremely re-assuring.