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Apple capitalising on Microsoft's failings

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple’s sales of Mac computers in January is up over 100% on January ’06.

The article goes on to say:

sales of Mac notebooks grew 194 percent year-over-year in January with a rising ASP that drove 221 percent revenue growth in the segment.

“January was the third-largest revenue month for Mac notebooks ever,” he added.

The analyst noted that over the past eight quarters, the first month of NPD data has been between 7 percent and 9 percent of Apple’s quarterly Mac unit sales.

“If this relationship holds in fiscal Q2 (March), Mac sales would significantly exceed our Q2 estimate of 1.495 million units,”

With Microsoft Vista’s well publicised problems.
With Microsoft’s top executives having to spin wildly and even lie about Vista’s capabilities publicly.
With Microsoft’s most outspoken fans promoting OS X as being preferable to Vista.
With Vista’s (unhackable) Activation having been hacked.

It is no wonder that Apple’s sales are on the up and up.

And with all the investment they have tied up in Vista, it isn’t easy to see how Microsoft can turn this around any time soon.