Pedophile caught after Interpol published his photo

I posted a photo of a pedophile last week which Interpol had released to try to solicit help in capturing him.

A week later and I was delighted to see that the Guardian is reporting that he was caught in a remote part of Thailand after fleeing there to hide when the photos were released.

Pedophile caught

His name is Christopher Neil. He is Canadian and before posting his photo on the Internet police had been trying to identify and catch him for three years.

5 thoughts on “Pedophile caught after Interpol published his photo”

  1. You know they were sitting on these photos for three years before they figured out how to “undoctor” them. There is no sophisticated techno-gummery involved: it’s simply the swirl filter in Photoshop. All they had to do was find the centre of the swirl (which is as simple as looking), drag an elliptical marquee round the area of the swirl and use the swirl slider to unswirl it. Why did it take three years to figure that out?
    And here’s the really stupid part: why reveal that they’d undoctored the image at all? They should have just released the clear image and said nothing about how they managed to reveal the face. Now other paedophiles who might have used the same technique to obscure their own identities will use different methods. Investigators should NEVER reveal methodologies in these cases.

  2. Green Ink,
    the un-swirling was done on day that the images were downloaded from the internet. The politics involved in publishing an innocent! mans image with the tag pedophile onto the internet is what took 2 years to do.
    Branedy, understanding people who have sex with children is not easy but essentially putting a photo of themselves up means that their standing inside their own warped community increases.
    Evert Bopp, true for you. Off the street and off our internet.

  3. I don’t buy that.

    “Although the original photographs had been digitally altered by him or his accomplices to disguise his face, specialists from the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) in Germany working with INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Human Beings unit have been able to produce an identifiable picture.” INTERPOL Media Release 8th October 2007.

    I can find no mention of timeframes but that certainly reads like they recently did it. And it’s worse if they sat on identifiable photos for three years before releasing them.

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