Al Gore and IPCC jointly win Nobel Peace prize

I see Reuters are reporting that Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have jointly been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The winners were chosen from 181 entries.

This adds even more weight and credibility to the fantastic work being done by the IPCC and the long crusade Al Gore has waged on this very important topic.

6 thoughts on “Al Gore and IPCC jointly win Nobel Peace prize”

  1. Yeah a very interesting choice, especially in light of his film be ruled to be non-factual and not backed up by scientific proof.
    I think 11 of his major arguments have no scientific proof to back them up….

    Court ruled in england recently.
    Link to story:

    plenty of other sources around but seems to be ignored by major media!

  2. I think that Al Gore doesn’t deserve this prize at all. He doesn’t need more publicity and his film is mostly hype. The Nobel committee are getting slated in Scandinavia for this choice. It is strange that they don’t highlight the work done by people who need more media attention like real pro-democracy activists in Asia, this would be too controversial probably.

  3. Apropos Robert…

    The judge in the UK was responding to a specific complaint that the Dept of Ed had not provided teachers with the full spectrum of information for students when distributing the Gore movie. In that he was correct and in evidence to support the need for a full set of information he quotes various ‘fudges’ in the Gore material.

    Fine, Gore does fudge, there was a Channel 4 documentary a while back which more or less said the whole global warming/climate change thing was rubbish

    so, you pays yer money….

    I think the Nobel people wanted to draw attention to the work underway to evaluate the climate stuff and didn’t have a category…. and anyway whom would you give the peace prize to just now…, Bono?? he has done a good job but the fundamentals of his debt relief idea are flawed unless you have a means of seeing what the money saved is spent on. Believe me, and I’ve worked as a development worker in Africa, debt relief won’t help unless you do….

    Bye, Barry

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