's incredible data visualisation

One of the revelations for me of the Le Web 3 conference was hearing Prof. Hans Rosling‘s presentation.

Everyone I spoke to mentioned his talk as being the highpoint of the event.

I checked out, the site he mentioned where you can access all the data he presented and it is incredible. The interactive charts there are astounding.

Here is a screenshot of Ireland’s health versus its wealth from 1960 to 2003. Notice how Ireland’s health fails to improve from 1994 onwards despite significant growth in wealth.

Chart of Ireland's health vs wealth from 1960 to 2003

The two countries at the top of the healthcare leagues (as measured here by % childcare survival to age 5) are Sweden and Singapore.

An early, less polished version of the presentation Prof Rosling gave at Le Web (the one he gave at the TED conference) is available here.

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  1. perhaps ’94 we hit the ceiling of improvement and the tiger economy brings re balancing factors like overtime and bad diet.. perhaps it proves that you can’t spend your way out of a health crisis or eat your way out of one either. Slán BUPA, lets nationalise health care and make it free for all.

  2. Hit the ceiling of improvement? Aw come on Brian – the only OECD country with a worse health care record than ours is the US!

    Check out any of the other countries on the Gapminder site to see how badly we fare after ’94 visualised (check out presentation no. 7 – the trends to see it plotted for the countries of your choice. Run countries against each other and come back and tell me we did as well as we could!).

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