Hold music interviewed and podcast!

I had a podcast interview lined up for today with David Hayden of Jeteye. He didn’t show, so I spent 17 minutes listening to the hold music on the conference call.

I had taken time to prepare for the interview and made room in my schedule today when he postponed last week hours before the interview was due to go ahead.

I tried to setup a Jeteye account so I could ask knowledgeable questions about the site but failed miserably to do so. I had some problems with the logon process.

In any case, getting bored listening to the hold music and having done all the preparation, I decided to go ahead and interview the hold music!

The result is here.

Digg’d (Dugg?) here.

3 thoughts on “Hold music interviewed and podcast!”

  1. Man that’s funny.

    David is a new client of ours, so we will have to berate him appropriately. Have you met him? He is a very distractable guy.

    The product is very confusing, confused and, well, erm…it needs a revamp. Which is why we are around now.

    You may want to reschedule when there is a more succinct direction. šŸ˜‰


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