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      Tom Raftery

      If you have any suggestions for topics for the podcast, feel free to leave them here in the Replies to this post.

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      What I would be very interested in is an interview with either a climate scientist or a climate activist. I’m sure this would bring a very different note into the podcast. A potential topic could be “Are corporates acting fast enough/sufficiently?”. This would also nicely follow-up on the questions that Lucas Joppa from Microsoft rose in the last episode.

      Moreover, I would be very interested in hearing more about Climate 21, the products SAP is working on, and how SAP envisions the integration of sustainability into existing products.

      Thanks for hosting the podcast. I’m already looking forward to the next episodes!

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        Tom Raftery

        Thanks Stefan,

        the good news is I will be hosting conversations with climate scientists, academics, and other interested stakeholders in upcoming episodes of the podcast (look out for the episode with Prof Stephanie Bertels in early January, for example.

        Also I have another SAP executive on late Jan/early Feb to go into further details on SAP’s Climate 21 initiative.

        Thanks so much for the comments/suggestions. Please keep them coming.

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          Stefan Lübke

          Again, thanks a lot for hosting the podcast!

          Today I encountered the Carbon Transparency Pathfinder launched by the WBCSD and industry partners and I thought that would be a very interesting initiative to talk about in the podcast, as I think it matches well with what SAP is working on.

          Another initiative that SAP is even part of – the Value Balancing Alliance – would be an exciting topic to hear about.

          I’m looking forward to the next episods!

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      I would love to hear how design can help in the fight against Climate Change and what design processes are used by Climate 21 do they have an environmental/sustainability slant or attributes?

      Also what auxiliary tools/skills set, other than design skills do SAP Designers require in this new landscape where expertise in lowering companies carbon footprint is vital?

      Acumen Academy seem to be cutting edge in terms of the design courses they run for Social and Environmental Projects, what sort of training does SAP offer around this area or what sort of transferable skills learnt on the job do SAP Designers acquire if they work with Climate 21?

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        Tom Raftery


        thanks so much for your comment. Those are excellent questions to which I don’t have good answers right now. But I am intrigued to to find answers for them because you’re absolutely correct that design is a big part of sustainability.

        I absolutely will strive to get someone on the podcast to answer your questions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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          Tom Raftery

          Circling back to you again on this topic Siobhán – I didn’t forget it (!) – it just took me some time to find someone who could speak authoritatively on the topic.

          I’m delighted to report now though that I have booked a world renowned architect, author, and speaker for this episode. The episode is scheduled to be recorded in mid-April, so look for it to publish after that.

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      Stefan Hierl

      Hi Tom,
      I would love to see an episode on the topic of Carbon Offsetting. Especially I wonder why (to my knowledge) no central trusted marketplace for connecting supply and demand of carbon offset exists. For sure the goal of all should be to avoid CO2 in the first place but where this is not possible in the short run carbon offsets might be a good option and also spark innovation in this area.
      Keep up the great work.

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        Tom Raftery

        Hey thanks for the suggestion Stefan – I’ll definitely look into it. I have an episode yet to be published with someone who was involved in the creation of several of the bigger carbon markets (EU ETS, and CARB) which I should be publishing soon. But I can obviously look deeper into this too.

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