Month: July 2004

French Ministry chooses Mandrake

Mandrakesoft issued an announcement recently that the French Ministry of Equipment is to use Mandrake as their distro of choice in their project to move their servers away from proprietary software (Windows).

1500 Mandrake servers are being rolled out to replace 2000 NT servers and to serve 60,000 client PCs. There is no news yet what OS the desktop PCs will be migrated to.

In response to the announcement Kevin Buckley MD of Mandrakesoft Ireland said “The French Government’s decision to move from Microsoft NT to the Mandrakelinux Corporate Server is great news. This proves the point that Mandrakelinux is a Secure, Reliable and Robust operating system. Hopefully the Irish Government will now see that Mandrakelinux is a excellent alternative, which will save the Irish people a great amount of money in the near future.”

Co-incidentally, Mandrake was my Linux distro of choice after reviewing several Linux distributions – great minds, eh?!

Microsoft Money users 'locked out'

While Microsoft Money is an application that resides on a computer’s hard drive, the service also integrates online access to information and services. Users can upload their personal finance files onto the Web and access the information over the ‘net while away from home.

However, some users of the service found themselves locked out of their accounts on Monday afternoon and the lock out persisted until late last night.

According to Russ Paul Jones of Microsoft the problem occurred because “one of our servers was updated and inadvertently pointed to the wrong location to verify authentication”.

Microsoft posted directions on how to log in again for affected users last night at 10:30pm.

This should serve as a salutory reminder to people not to rely completely on remote IT services without some kind of local backup.

Critical Internet Explorer patch release imminent

According to an article in eWeek Dean Hachamovitch, who heads the Microsoft IE development team, said in a weekly security-focused Webcast, that a fix for the vulnerability exploited by the Download.Ject attacks in June will arrive sometime next week.

The release is due next week a couple of weeks ahead of the next scheduled Microsoft patch release date.

Now if they would just fix all the other bugs in Internet Explorer!

CA to release Open Source version of Ingres

I read in InfoWorld today where CA have announced that they intend to release a version of ingres at LinuxWorld in San Francisco under its own CA Trusted Open Source License (CA-TOSL) next Wednesday.

Tony Gaughan, senior vice president, CA said that this iteration of Ingres, dubbed r3, will outperform Microsoft’s SQL Server database, and is more attractive price-wise because it is open source.

Microsoft have not run any tests against Ingres as they don’t currently see it as a competitor. In any case, migrating from one rdbms to another is not a trivial undertaking so CA’s initial customer base will have to be people starting out on the rdbms route.

Seagate to offer 5 year warranty on hard drives

For anyone who has had a hard disk crash and burn (and who in the tech world hasn’t) the latest announcement from Seagate that it will offer a 5 year warranty on all drives manufactured since June 1st 2004 is the best of news.

This should spur the competition to similar offerings and eventually lead to more reliable hard drives.

Seagate’s fortunes of late have suffered a little of late reporting a net loss of $33 million in it’s July 20th Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2004 report.

Let’s hope this latest announcement bouys their sales and that they are still around in five years to honour any warranty claims that may arise!

Free OpenOffice Support available

I read an article in recently which said that Flexiety software are giving 30 days free support when you download OpenOffice from their website.

Sounds like a nice way to get some support for this app – don’t know how the support office handles support calls from Europe (outside of US office hours) though.

RSS reader in Firefox

If you can’t wait for mozilla to release V 1.0 of their Firefox browser with its in-built RSS reader, you can always download Sage – Sage is an Extension for Firefox which creates a Sidebar (available under View -> Sidebar -> Sage) allowing you to browse your RSS sites from within the browser.

There is also an import function which is supposed to allow you to import your RSS Feeds from your RSS Reader apps although I couldn’t get this to work with either NetNewsWire or Shrook OPML files.

See screenshot below to see it in action:
Sage RSS Reader working in Firefox