Hans Rosling's talk at the 2007 it@cork conference

Hans Rosling gave the opening address at the 2007 it@cork Technology in Business Conference.

His talk was incredibly eye opening as the Trendalyzer software he developed shows how the world is “double inversely logarithmically unjust”.

Watch and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Hans Rosling's talk at the 2007 it@cork conference

  1. Jonathan Webb

    Great presentation. This reminds me of the video made from the US air traffic control data – the patterns that emerge are astonishing.

    Data visualisation is a very powerful tool to begin with but when it’s made interactive like this, it becomes totally compelling.

    I do wonder how many people in the world would see free access to information in this way as a threat to their power base.

  2. Calvin Jones

    I was at the IT@Cork conference, and Hans Rosling’s presentation was probably the highlight in what was an impressive array of speakers. He’s a natural (either that or he’s worked hard to perfect the art), and the Trendalyzer software is amazing.

    You can even play around with it yourself — just go to http://www.gapminder.org and click on the “go to graph” link under Gapminder World 2006. Have fun… I did!


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